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Damian Lang, an accomplished filmmaker and Australian Army war veteran who brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a background in directing award-winning short films, MTV music videos for ARIA-nominated artists, and working in the Locations Department on major Hollywood productions such as Marvel's "Thor Ragnarok" and DC's "Aquaman," Whether you seek a director, producer, or writer for your project, his versatile skills and network within the industry make him a genuine filmmaking asset. Engaging with Damian could open up valuable opportunities for your creative endeavors.

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creative development & pre-production

Concepting & creative ideation / producing / script writing / casting / location scouting / production planning & strategy

full scale production

Directing / producing / production design


directing services

If you need a director for your project, Damian Lang's background in directing short films, music videos, and working on major Hollywood productions makes him a valuable asset. You could explore the possibility of having him direct your film, bringing his unique vision and skills to your project.


Damian Lang's filmmaking expertise and directorial experience make him an ideal collaborator for screenwriting projects. With insights into visual storytelling and cinematic elements, he can contribute a unique perspective to enhance pacing, structure, and overall narrative appeal.

filmmaking advice

Damian Lang's diverse experiences, both as a filmmaker and an Australian Army war veteran, could offer valuable insights and advice. You might seek guidance on various aspects of filmmaking, from storytelling to technical aspects, drawing from his rich background.

collaboration on music videos

If you are a musician or involved in the music industry, Damian's experience in directing MTV music videos for ARIA-nominated artists like Bombs Away and The Dead Daisies could be advantageous. You might explore collaboration opportunities for music video projects.

networking opportunities

Engaging with Damian Lang could open up networking opportunities within the film industry. His involvement in major productions and collaborations with well-known artists may provide you with valuable connections.

project collaboration & partnership

If you have a specific filmmaking project in mind, you could explore the possibility of collaborating with Damian Lang on a joint venture. Whether it's a short film, documentary, or other creative endeavor, his background in directing and diverse experiences in the industry might contribute a unique perspective to enhance the overall quality of the project.

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